In January 2022 I began to develop a commission of sound work under the heading audio guides, for the Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre in Huddersfield. I will spend the next several months working with archived interviews, and recording interviews with survivors and reading a lot of work on the Holocaust, in order to develop this body of work. Currently working my way through Peter Hayes Why? Explaining the Holocaust, which is a brilliant book presenting the statistical facts of the time period to counter the narrative that was developed in order to create, what was in essence, a race war.

As for building a soundscape that reflects the museum exhibition, which is also an aesthetic and conceptual body of work, this has been a difficult thought to process, how can I create an art work that reflects what I think but does not in any way make light of this experience.

Image from Holocaust Archive

Postcards from the Labour Camps with Nazi stamps

Prison camp uniform

Prison Camp Utensils

The Star of David Jews had to wear