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In 2022 April, I participated in a collaborative project at the Ceramic House Brighton, with ceramics artist Juss Heinsalu, exploring the concept of Edges and Peripheries.  This was supported by funding from Creative Scotland and iPortunus, which is fantastic to still be getting funding to make art.

What resulted was the creation of the film Continents Drifting as well as a large scale ceramic work created by Juss. Through a series of experimental conversations, and text based communication, we began to ask what constituted life, intelligence, who defined that, and how anthropocentric were our definitions ? What emerged was an idea about how we might take an experimental leap to create new definitions of life, explore new modes of  communication, think about how life might have formed many hundreds of thousands of years ago, hybrid forms of life connected to stone, soil, rock, plant and animal.

These works are the first in a set or series of works that we will continue to examine going forward, but here is a sample of the works we developed for the Brighton Festival Open House exhibition.