Composing Huddersfield listening pamphlet (Front)

Composing Huddersfield listening pamphlet (Back)



As part of my commission with the Huddersfield Holocaust Museum I created a workshop to explore how you can listen for the soundscape of exclusion and inclusion, racial, class, gendered, how you can map these sounds in particular spaces and then create a composition in the form of a graphic score.  This workshop included two lectures and a sound walk around Huddersfield, it was snowing just before we left, but the sun and the birds came out just for our walk.

Paying attention to the sounds around us can often make audible audible forces which are intent on creating division in society. Opening our ears to these sometimes subtle, insidious voicing’s and soundings mean we become aware, before it moves in to the visible, of the potential of certain groups acting to creating divides between people and cultures.  The Holocaust Museum is a perfect example of how ignoring the mutterings, closing our ears to prejudice, violence, lies, can lead to the most horrific acts humans can perform.


Some wonderful experiences on our walk and in the museum exploring how we can collectively map soundscapes, and creatively transform these maps in scores for potential performances. Some amazing stories emerged in this workshop about personal experiences, which were then mapped to the graphic scores.

Our Day of Listening, Walking, Talking, Mapping and Scoring 2022