On the 24th of October the performance Women in Space took place in the Edinburgh Sculpture Court at Edinburgh University. This piece co-designed by myself, Sophia Lycouris and Isabel Nogueira involved bringing a selection of women together, artists, performers and theorists, to occupy a space shaped by patriarchy and colonialism. Our performance was inspired by an ideal to bring only the voices, sounds, bodies and text of women into the space. It was part planned, using text to inspire action and activity, and interpretive, to allow these actions to encourage others. Our performance also focused on the gaze, instead of being observed as performers, we reached out to our audience, spoke to them, encouraged them to participate, and we looked at and spoke to each other.

This performance followed from a visit and talk given by Prof Isabel Nogueira at the School of Art, Edinburgh University. She discussed the role of gender within Brazil in shaping women’s relationship to performance, music and technology. She also spoke of the exclusion of women of colour and ethnic groups of Latin America and the work she has done on gender and performance. I have worked with Isabel on a number of projects in Brazil and was incredibly excited to create this performance in Brazil. Women participatring included other lecturers from the university, PhD and postgrad students from the school of art and the school of art history. To watch a section of the performance take a look at the vimeo link.