This October I was delighted to release two albums with Brazilian net labels Estranhas Ocupações and Mansarda Records. The newest album with Estranhas Ocupações (EO) was a collaboration between myself and Isabel Nogueira that began in October of 2017 and finished in September 2018. We finalised these audio ideas while working together in Brazil this summer. The record explores the text If I Were Me/Se eu fosse eu, by the Brazilian poet Clarice Lispector. This was an important text to explore for both of us as we were beginning a large scale research project exploring gender, performance, the body and space, and the idea of exploring a text that asked what would someone be, if ideas about who we are supposed to be in a society were removed, in particular notions about gender.

For this album we created a sound piece in four movements using voice, synthesizer, live coding and field recordings. We each explored the subject of If I Were Me, proposed by the author, and were supported in this examination of the text by members of of the research group ECOAR (A research group which explores Body, Art and dance Studies from University of São Paulo, Brazil). We created one particular sound design for their performance If I Were Me which was performed in Sao Paulo in September 2018, coordinated by the choreographer Marilia Velardi. Then we were asked to create an album for EO which allowed us to break the work up in to distinct ideas exploring the theme. This net label allows for free streaming and downloading and can be located here.