Spain 15-16. One of 4 Graphic Scores/Sound maps, which will be placed on each wall in the gallery with a spatial surround sound work.


This October I will be exhibiting a new work at the New Art Exchange Gallery, Nottingham as part of the show Sounds Like Her, curated by Christine Eyene. This is the second exhibition in which Christine has curated my work and I am delighted to be part of it.  In addition, I will be running a series of workshops for young girls as part of my Researching Women in Sound in a Box project for Women in Sound Women on Sound and hosting a Sound Walking and Deep Listening Day in Nottingham which will begin at the Gallery. Dates to be announced soon.

This work is based on three years researching the impact of renewable technologies on rural and natural sonic environments.

The research was triggered by an experience in Iceland in 2015 while recording the interior sounds of a hydroelectric power station. The sounds produced by this structure permeated both the interior and exterior spaces, including beneath the river, within the landscape and within my body. This embodied experience produced feelings of distress and physical nausea. In addition, this large scale structure seemed to employ few people to operate it offering no potential economic opportunities for locals within Iceland, a country now dependant on Hydro power.

This raised questions about the development of new technologies to tackle climate change, and which for a variety of reasons might not be examined for potential detrimental societal or environmental impacts. This is in part because they are seen to be better than oil, gas, coal etc.
That same year I began documenting the impact of the large wind farms of the Terra Alta Region of Northern Spain which continued into 2016. And this year I began to explore the societal impact of the wind farms in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Barrow in Furness in the UK.
Finally, this summer was spent in China exploring the soundscape of both the rural and urban Beijing Soundscape. The Chinese governments goal of being the largest producer of renewable energies on the planet lies in stark contrast to its over populated cities and high use of coal and oil in industry.

This art work represents the soundscapes of four different spaces, a combination of the sounds of renewable technologies, rural and natural soundscapes, the sounds of communities and urban noisescapes. The combined graphic score/sound map and sound work represent a composite of my time spent in each location. Although each wall is located within a different location, in total the work is an holistic representation of the non-linear way in which sound moves through a space and has an impact beyond its origin.