Chooltd by Linda O Keeffe and Slàvek Kwi

In December 2017 myself and artist Slavek Kwi (AKA Artificial Memory Trace) released our second collaborative album Chooltd. Myself and Kwi have been working together for over 8 years on what can only be described as slow sound art works.  We combine the audio pictures of our lives to create new sound worlds built on personal everyday experiences, events in our worlds and our love of sound in general. Below are the liner notes for the album on Bandcamp, please support our work by purchasing the album for yourself or encourage your University library if you have one, to buy the album for students and researchers.

Liner Notes

Linda O’Keeffe:
I wanted to share sounds that explored the hot and cold nature of landscapes, a number of the sounds mixed were based on recordings of spaces fundamentally shaped by their extreme weather from the cold landscape of Iceland with it’s hot interior geology, and the Mediterranean landscape of Spain, with it’s parched yet abundant ecosystem.
The work progressed from these beginnings to exploring hot and cold natures, hot and cold feelings, metaphors of life and death, family and isolation. Hot and Cold became an anagram of different emotive and societal similes.

Slavek Kwi:
First thoughts … HOT COLD … hot becomes cold … cold becomes hot … feeling … feelings. I am wondering how we can distinguish in the realms of sound in between the two. Is it very personal feeling linked to this particular situation, … a reference to something associated?

… and again, re-wording_unfolding: CHOOLTD … scrambled. Actually, I have absolutely no idea how to differentiate clearly in between HOT and COLD within sounds. However, I am happy to explore  more


released December 8, 2017

Note: The composition is designed as 4-channel piece. You can hear stereo version as 1st track and then there are available stems for 4-ch version, if you wish …

Cover design, photos and collage: Linda O’Keeffe
Final design: Slavek Kwi